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Still Life with Whisk takes as its starting point the simple observation that food is culture. As a writer and cook, I am interested in the fact that food culture is dynamic. It evolves in disjointed and incremental ways as a result of myriad factors: some as contraversial as immigration, others as elemental as weather. My posts seek to explore the evolution of American culinary culture through (most often) the meals prepared in my own small kitchen, which happens to be located in what some might call an outpost of American culture–a very small town in Eastern Alabama.  Here, in a town where the mysterious “chicken finger” often passes for fine eating, I cook for my family and friends. In this blog, I reflect upon the personal, cultural, social, political, nutritional, and environmental issues that are raised by the choices that I make. Above all, I’m interested in exploring the ways in which my own cooking expemplifies both enduring and evolving American culinary values — how the food on my plate reflects both tradition and change. The juxtaposition of words and images that are evoked by the blog’s title emphasizes the dynamism of the new American kitchen, highlighting the fact that while there are some elements of American food culture that are still and static, these elements are always at the mercy of the literal and metaphorical whisk.

Posted September 22, 2009 by Admin

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